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What does it mean to become a member?


While you can be a Christian without joining a church, we believe you can be a more effective Christian by entering into the church's membership, where you can hear and understand God's Word, learn from one another in community, and experience Christ's presence as a group gathered in Christ's name. Nearly ten million United Methodists have experienced the joy of sharing Christ's vision and witness through the United Methodist Church.


The meaning of membership:


Church membership is open to any and all who seek the presence of God in their lives. It is a commitment to:


  • Involvement: in prayer, worship and the sacraments; in study of the scriptures; in Christian disciplines and action.

  • Sharing: through one's presence, gifts, witness, and service for the sake of the church's mission and ministry in the community and throughout the world.

  • Celebrating: our commitment to God and to God's creation, our purpose in the world and God's love and grace in our lives through our life together.


Persons can become members of the United Methodist Church by:

  • vows and profession of faith

  • transfer from another demonination

  • transfer from another United Methodist Church


New Member Orientation:


A New Member Orientation is held in the Pastor’s Office following worship twice a year for persons wishing to join the church, or an individual meeting with the pastor can be arranged.  Call the church office is interested.

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